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When I'm an AB I am usually pretty mischievous and tend to get in trouble, but I behave after a good spanking lol.I'd be interested in finding a female ABDL or a Mommy type figure to share this with in a relationship (see how things go) and at the very least be friends. Looking for little friends or little/mommy/daddy couples. Comments: I have always wanted to wear diapers as far back as I can remember. A mommy would be fine but it'd be especially nice to have a daddy. I am looking for someone that is kind, gentle, fun to be with, easy to talk to, someone who i can let my feelings out towards without feeling ashamed of myself in any way, and everything else.

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Comments: I am a student at Texas Christian University. Extremely nice and sweet to others, respectful and polite. I have been in diapers since I was 8, and suffer from chronic bedwetting. Just need a caretaker and a room to set it all up in. Comments: I live about 3 hours south of Dallas and 2 hours north of Houston, I travel to Houston regularly though. I do not want the whole AB thing to be the only thing we have in common, but again, I am always interested in a meet up! I'm 5'6 tall, 150lbs, 20 inch waist, and I live with my sister (she does not know).When it comes to diapers, I almost exclusively wet.I enjoy them both as an object of comfort, and also as a fetish.Comments: I have been into ABDL for quite some time and have had sessions with real Mommies.Sometimes I just like to be a DL every now and then an AB.

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