Update validating xp

The Default timeouts have changed for FTP URL handler Timeouts used by the FTP URL protocol handler have been changed from infinite to 5 minutes.

This will result in an IOException from connect and read operations if the FTP server is unresponsive.

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JRE 6 and JRE 7 update releases will no longer include deployment technologies Starting with the Oct 2017 Critical Patch Update, updates for JRE 6 and JRE 7 will no longer include the Java Deployment Technologies required for launching Java applications.If the new Security property (crypto.policy) is set in the java.security file, or has been set dynamically using the Property() call before the JCE framework has been initialized, that setting will be honored. If the property is undefined and the legacy JCE jurisdiction files don't exist in the legacy lib/security directory, then the default cryptographic level will remain at 'limited'.To configure the JDK to use unlimited cryptography, set the crypto.policy to a value of 'unlimited'.If an application requires a Java SE 6 or 7 JRE, the Java Deployment technology in JRE 8 release can be used to run such applications.If you need this functionality, please refer to the following deployment invocation methods: 1.

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