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See also This preference was deprecated starting with ARM released on December 23 2014 and which self updates.ARM gets launched by a Task created in Windows Task Scheduler.The Acrobat Reader DC gives you the ability to work with PDF documents in any desktop or mobile device Adobe Reader DC is set to be automatically updated (if your device is connected to the Internet), to ensure that cloud and desktop features and functionality remain synchronized and compatible. Double click to open "Adobe Acrobat Update Service" properties (Adobe ARMservice). For that reason, Adobe, doesn't give the user the ability – through the program's interface – to choose how the new updates will be delivered to the computer or to totally disable the Adobe Reader DC automatic updates.

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For 10.1 and later, the date is recorded in tlast T_Reader or tlast T_Acrobat. If more than 3 days have elapsed, the Updater looks for updates.This setting configures Reader since 10.1, but note that the key is not created until a value is specified via the UI.Before 10.1, use The log file is a file generated and appended to at runtime with status, operational, and error information describing what the Updater is doing.However, on systems where elevated privileges are required, it writes to HKLM.Therefore, when checking and troubleshooting the last check date always verify the values in both locations.

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