My ex is dating a felon

“I can’t say for certain.”What is certain is that without context, a bit more history, and a rapport that extends longer than coffee, two dinners, and a movie, it’s likely that comments, idiosyncrasies, and personality tics could be misinterpreted. Here’s a theory as to why: There’s something empowering, even if it’s only temporary, about saying early on, before anyone gets too emotionally invested, “This is who I am.“The revealing that happens on a third date can backfire terribly,” says Dr. Take it or leave it.”Case in point: When Christine, 27, who works in the media industry in New York, went on a third date with a freelance journalist, he decided to show her a different side of his personality.“I generally advise people to hold off on revealing information until things have become exclusive and serious,” says Dr.Diana Kirschner, a New York-based psychologist and author of Love in 90 Days. “With STDs, plain old integrity means you have to reveal that kind of information before you become sexually active,” says Dr. “But for most other things, you want to have enough of a relationship that has grown between you two to weather these disclosures.”Still, the third-date reveal can go either way.This points to the fact that for many people, the third date is the first date for sex, which may be part of what prompts such third-date confessions.

Melissa Meeks says she still deeply loves Jeremy, her husband of of eight years and the father of her youngest child. “When I think about it sometimes I still get emotional, especially looking at old pictures.” Jeremy Meeks, a 33-year-old aspiring runway star, took the Internet by storm when his mugshot made him an overnight sensation and earned him the affection of millions in 2014.

“His age became a running joke between us.”However, not all biography goes over so well.

When Elizabeth told a guy on a third date that her grandfather had been the CEO of a major international conglomerate, she never heard from him again. Psychologically, Kirschner says, the third date is a moment when you are just starting to relax.

In short, I was crazy about him.” Then, for some reason, Ellie went for the big reveal: she told him she was still together with her high-school boyfriend. Anecdotally, the third-date confession has become so legendary that some people have come to fear the third date for what they’ll learn about the up-to-now-wonderful person smiling at them from across the table.“One girl said to me, ‘If I didn’t take my Xanax, I don’t know what I would do.’ Another started dishing about the eccentricities that required her to be on Klonopin.”“I have a friend who, on the third date, told the guy she was seeing that she had herpes, in anticipation of the fact that they might sleep together that night,” says Elizabeth, 30, a clinical social worker in New York.

“It turned out he did too,” so it didn’t matter—a near miss of a confessional catastrophe.

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