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Author: Kaibin Xu, Yong Liu, Tianzi Jiang URL: Summary: Brede Query plugin for SPM5 - enables coordinate-based meta-analytic search of related literature for brain regions directly from SPM5 environment.

The coordinate-based search is performed using Finn Aarup Nielsen's Brede Database.

In particular, some extensions may be mutually incompatible.

Please contact the respective extension authors with questions and problems (though .

You will find here a list of these tools classified between Toolboxes, Utilities, Batch Systems and Templates.

Intuitive and customizable user interface for exploring statistical images (e.g., spm T*), including display of positive and/or negative effects; voxel- and cluster-level thresholding; instant anatomical labeling; and customizable color maps. Save thresholded whole-brain maps, specific clusters, and ROIs.

I'm currently only distributing the SPM5-based version, but the SPM2(or 8)-based version can be obtained through email.

The function for quantifying cerebral blood flow should be SPM independent except the image reading and writing functions from SPM.

The methods correct for large motions, and automatically detect and remove artifact noise in the data.

Viewing tools allow quality checking at every step in the analysis.

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