Gender roles in online dating

It clearly states “in the image of God created he HIM”.

Many Christian teachers (even non-feminist teachers) have tried to argue that because “man” can refer to mankind that this can mean “So God created mankind in his own image”.

What follows are several statements from her in the email and my response to her showing her from the Bible what God’s Word says on this issue.

LAUREN’S STATEMENT: “I am raising daughters that have been in an environment that teaches them that women are second class…

In fact, women occupy the second of three social classes of humanity that God designed.

Contrary to modern Western and American ideals about equality God’s original design of mankind features a social order with three classes of people.

There are a great number of Christian theologians that misread this famous Biblical account of the creation of man and woman.

This passage does NOT teach that God created “them” (male and female) in his image.

If you were a woman you would not so easily believe in such things.” You know what my response is to such assertions?

We will explore the answer to that question later in this article.

I have changed the name of the woman who wrote me to Lauren in order protect her anonymity as she gave me her real name in the email.

It is ok if we worship the Christian god too, as long as our service to the god of equality comes first.

So now the question then becomes does the Bible advocate for women to be treated as second class citizens to men according to the dictionary definition I just gave? The Bible does in fact advocate for women to be treated as second class citizens to men if “second class citizen” simply means they are to have less rights and opportunities than men.

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