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The object of the game was to sexually exhaust the victim in a manner that would not be harmful.As Emily described it, "We want Andrew to think that if he comes one more time he will surely have a heart attack, then make him come at least twice more. " asked Emily, a gentle hint for Marsha to commit to the game.Update: We have removed the link to the photos because a lawyer for Vanessa Hudgens has contacted us, confirming the authenticity of the pics and also claiming they were taken before she was 18 years old.Freaky Honeymoon - Chapter 1 Marsha could not believe what had happened last evening!Meeting the Landers had resulted in a night that she could not have ever imagined. She was plump and buxom with short dark curly hair, while he was tall, slim and bald.One thing led to another and after a few drinks she and Andrew found themselves in the Landers suite.Hamid said it was 'very weird' that three crocodiles emerged from the river, suggesting the body of the man was being protected so that 'the victim could be delivered'.He said: 'People also bathe in the water, so again, it is unlucky that he was killed by the crocodile.' Police Inspector Hamid said the 'important thing was that the body had been found' and that locals were now 'hunting the crocodile that attacked' the man.

Now his eager wife worked a bullet vibrator in and out of Andrew's asshole while Emily smeared his cock with an ointment that stimulated blood flow, making it easier for him to attain another erection.

Another drink and the next thing she knew she was giggling and helping Emily bind her naked husband's wrists and ankles to the corners of the large bed, while Charles undressed.

Emily was delighted at the size of his cock, and Marsha couldn't help boasting about her new husband's stamina and recuperative powers.

It seemed like Andrew's cock was in her virgin bunghole for hours; in fact Emily said it was more like fifteen minutes, an impressive length of time for both Andrew and Marsha.

Twice Emily had pulled his cock from Marsha's bum, once to jack it to full hardness, the other to suck, then jack it again.

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