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In February 2017, a court sitting in Lausanne, a prominent city, sentenced two Nigerian asylum seekers working for a Togolese criminal group to prison.They were punished for trafficking cocaine into the country and also laundering money in a thorough investigation that covered most parts of Europe.According to reports, one of the warring factions was allegedly headed by one Aloysius Ikegwuonu, popularly known as Bishop, a native of Ozubulu, who has since denied the allegations.The young man, whose father was among the victims, has since visited victims and relatives of the dead and held meetings with leaders within the community.That same year, a 34-year-old Nigerian, Samuel Okeke, was sentenced to 25 years in prison also in Cambodia together with his 26-year-old spouse from neighbouring Vietnam after being found guilty of peddling about 1.5 kg of heroin from the country to Australia two years earlier.The Cambodian intelligence agency described Okeke as the arrowhead of a drug trafficking syndicate involving four others.This incident followed the dismantling of a major cocaine supply network headed by Nigerians and involving around 30 people by the Swiss police.The drugs were said to have been brought in from France and the Netherlands through females working for the gang.

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As a result of this seeming dominance, other cartels have had several clashes with them – many ending in bloodletting.Philips Catholic Church in the community while an early morning mass was going on.Without blinking an eye and minding the sanctity of the environment they were in, the men opened fire on worshippers – among them the very old and little children.In 2015, the peace of the city of Toronto, one of Canada’s largest cities, was punctured when law enforcement officers busted a sophisticated car theft cartel operated by members of the Black Axe cult group popularly known as Aye.Following their arrest, it was discovered that the gang had stolen over 500 luxury cars valued at m.

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