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If you think your relationship is going in the wrong direction, check out the warning signs of abuse.Remember, there are many types of abuse, and abusive behaviors are not “just normal” in a relationship.It’s not healthy if your partner: Everybody deserves to be in a healthy relationship free from violence.Drawing the line between unhealthy and abusive can be hard.Teen dating violence [PDF 187KB] is defined as the physical, sexual, psychological, or emotional violence within a dating relationship, including stalking. Teen dating violence (physical and sexual) among US high school students: Findings from the 2013 National Youth Risk Behavior Survey. As teens develop emotionally, they are heavily influenced by experiences in their relationships.It can occur in person or electronically and might occur between a current or former dating partner. Healthy relationship behaviors can have a positive effect on a teen’s emotional development.Our dates were lively and fun, and he was really cute.

Just because there is no physical abuse in your relationship doesn’t mean it’s healthy.

These addictions are experienced by the entire breadth of society, from the […] Read more Complacency is a continuous struggle that we all have to fight.

~ Jack Nicklaus You know how you sometimes (perhaps frequently) have that experience of something bumping up against you repeatedly and you feel the nudge to listen.

Not even a year later, that thought has become a reality.

Relationships exist on a spectrum, from healthy to unhealthy to abusive — and everywhere in between.

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