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If there’s one thing you should do for someone you love over the coming weeks, take them to see Dunkirk.

It is spectacular in an overtly unspectacular fashion.

I guarantee you’ll come away not only with a huge lump in your throat but a whole host of 21st-century guilt swirling around your head.

The overarching conclusion I came to was that, if today our lives are not truly terrible for a specific reason – ie, notwithstanding serious illness, loss or misfortune – they must be relatively fantastic.

Because none of us is standing on a beach knee-deep in water, having not eaten for days, waiting for a Navy boat that isn’t coming, while being bombed every hour with nothing to protect us other than a tin hat.

I pass this building every weekday at around 5.30am on my way to work and it really is extremely impressive.

spilleautomater triks spilleautomat Resident Evil Sjekk nar Brann skal spille seriekampene mot Follo, Levanger, Sandnes Ulf og sane Les merill FIFA med Brann — vinn premier Lordag er vi pa.

online casino games guide spilleautomat The Flash Velocity Forden Det siste innen grafikk vil forbedre din spillopplevelse dramatisk helersom du er norsk, svensk eller finsk, vel.

Immediately and comprehensively underwhelmed, I took several emergency deep breaths in an attempt to reboot my funk with regards to what I was meant to spend the next 72 hours driving around in. The rest of the car was just as disappointing, if not worse. Picasso isn’t famous for his black period, he’s famous for his Blue Period.

For a start, the interior was almost entirely black. Who decorates their house with black wallpaper, black doors and black curtains. When hypnotherapists want to allay the fears of patients facing their phobias, they don’t say, ‘Imagine a moonless night where you can’t see your hand in front of your face, they say, ‘Imagine a cool, calm, deep-blue bottomless lagoon’. Dashes and flashes of red leather and futuristic carbon to jazz up the cockpit. Hats off to Steve, head of Kia PR, for dropping it off in person – a shoo-in for employee of the month.

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